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US Wholesale Insurance Brokerage LLC (USWIB) is a specialize wholesale insurance broker focusing on Transportation and Cyber insurance segments in the United States. We provide access to the top non-admitted insurance carries and provide quotes in less than 4 hours.

USWIB was started to solve the biggest problem retail agents face in the non-standard market – getting competitive quotes FAST!

Our people, process and technology are designed to collect complete applications and provide quotes to agents faster than any other broker. Our agents have the competitive advantage against all other agents waiting on other brokers to provide quotes.

Give us a try – send us a complete application and receive your quote within four hours! (often times even faster)

Practice Groups

USWIB focus in specific insurance segments allows us to provide our agents with industry specific risk experts that provide exceptional insurance solutions within 4 hours of receiving an application.

The Transportation industry is one of the most competitive insurance segments in the country. With a limited amount of carriers willing to write the various transportation risks, the agent that get the quote first typically wins the business.
Our team can place your small or large transportation risks including long haul trucking, towing or business auto.


The insurance industry is significantly behind the curve in protecting commercial clients from cyber liabilities. Most policies exclude cyber which in many cases is the biggest risk for commercial clients.
Our cyber policies can be designed to include a different types of coverages including: Electronic Theft, Privacy Liability, Network Security Liability as many others.



Our people, process and technology is designed to stream line the application to quote process. Complete the appropriate online application and get things going now!

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